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Old 1st February 2020
rdikarlus rdikarlus is offline
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Default kernel panic after upgrading OpenBSD current

After upgrading my OpenBSD current some days ago executing sysupgrade, I get the following error:

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I tried to upgrade manually my system some days later by doing boot bsd.rd at boot but the problem remains. I also tried booting another kernel executing boot bsd.booted but the same problem. What can I do too boot the system and to solve the problem? any idea? thanks for your help.

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Old 5th February 2020
ntx ntx is offline
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Hmmm.. I am new to this and only have experience with Linux kernel panics, but is it possible some BIOS options were changed since then?

If not, would it make sense to try to boot into a live CD and use the shell to poke around and see what the issue is? You may be able to chroot into your installation and check with `fw_update`, `syspatch`, and `sysupgrade`.

I apologize if those ideas aren't enough help; I'm steadily searching to see if there's anything I can figure out for you, though!

edit: Page Faults are memory related; could it potentially be something physical like unseated RAM or something, or no?

Edit 2: From the "stops at" line, it looks like maybe it messes up at trying to set the backlight. Is there anything you could do by chrooting into your install and disabling that, and seeing if it still happens? On my x220, I don't have anything that could indicate acpivout being on my system so I don't think it's *essential* to booting.

Edit 3: Judging by this link from 3 years ago, acpivout is something that's enabled/disabled at a kernel level. You may have to edit the right source file and recompile from there to get it fixed, but I hope this is a start in the right direction!!!

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Old 5th February 2020
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bsd.rd, the ramdisk kernel which you booted to perform the upgrade, should still load - are you saying that now boots to the exact same panic message and you cannot even boot that to upgrade the system?

If that is the case, then I would have to concur that it might be due to some BIOS setting which you have inadvertently changed?

If you're saying that simply upgrading again from the same bsd.rd yields the same result - that's not surprising.

See if you can get some more info: https://www.openbsd.org/ddb.html

Or download the latest snapshot, upgrade to that and see if it's been resolved? There have been a few commits relating to acpivout over the last few weeks.
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Old 8th February 2020
rdikarlus rdikarlus is offline
Real Name: Carlosn
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Location: IBZ ISLAND
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I just booted a Fuguita OpenBSD live cd I downloaded from http://fuguita.org/index.php?FuguIta%2F6.6 and mounted my /home partition so that at least I can backup my files. Fuguita OpenBSD live works perfectly, even the xwindows system and it's based in 6.6 release, Before I run a fresh release install, I attach some screeshots of my kernel panic. This is the output for ddb> show panic and ddb> trace. I paste also my hardware info.

Thanks for your help!!!

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