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Old 29th June 2008
Sunsawe Sunsawe is offline
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Default Can't get mail system to work properly!

Hi everyone!

I am trying to set a complete mail system on my FreeBSD 7.0 box.
To do that, i followed this guide.

As you can see, it is based on:
- Exim
- SASLAuthd
- ClamAV
- SpamAssassin

On top of that, I had:
- Dovecot
- SquirrelMail

At that point, i can connect to SquirrelMail and perform the tests found on the guide with success.
At first, I had no mails in my box so I tried to copied a file from the root to my user. Clearly, i copied /var/mail/root to /var/mail/my_user and I could see the mails in my_user inbox once connected to squirrelmail. I took this as a proof that Dovecot and SquirrelMail were working properly.

The main issue is that I can't send an email, even internally. I tried, through squirrelmail, from my_user, to send an email to root or to my_user itself, I got no error, but didn't see the mail in the inbox (root's mails are redirected to my_user).

As I can perform the tests on exim and i can see the mails from /var/mail/my_user, I guess that Exim stores the mails received in another place. Where can I find this information? How can I know where and how Exim stores the mails?

An other thing is that I would like to have all the log messages redirected to the mail of my_user as well. I installed logwatch via portinstall but... the command logwatch is no where to be found. Am using bash2 as a shell so it should not be a rehash issue. I tried to disconnect myself and connect again but... nothing. Even the whereis command is giving only the port and the man page...

I just typed : portinstall logwatch

Is there anything else to do?

Thank you all!
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Old 30th June 2008
Sunsawe Sunsawe is offline
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Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 39

well I got logwatch working.
Something disturbing is that it has a Sendmail section saying that it handled some errors while it was (and still is) not running when i performed the sending mail tests. How is this possible??


Client quit before communicating: [Occurrences >= 1]
localhost [] 1 Time(s)
Total: 1

Mail Deferred:
Operation timed out with zzz.zz.:
To: <xxx@zzz.zz>: 112 Time(s)
To: <yyy@zzz.zz>: 391 Time(s)
Total: 503

Total SMTP Session, Message, and Recipient Errors handled by Sendmail: 504

---------------------- sendmail End -------------------------
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Old 30th June 2008
Sunsawe Sunsawe is offline
Port Guard
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 39

well... I solved the problem by adding some values to the local domain entry in exim's config file.
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