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Old 25th January 2009
nihonto nihonto is offline
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Default fluxbox-generate_menu doesn't work

Hi there!

One of my favorite apps in fluxbox is the "fluxbox-generate_menu" script. It generates the menu with all the apps on your PC and if there are new packages the script adds them to the menu.

Indeed, on my new NetBSD 4.0.1 it doesn't work. This is the relevant output:

nihonto@sushi:~> fluxbox-generate_menu
touch: ${HOME}/.fluxbox/menuconfig: No such file or directory
Warning: I couldn't create ${HOME}/.fluxbox/menuconfig
Fatal error: can't create or write to ${HOME}/.fluxbox/menu
As far as I can see it looks like some mess with the rights or the ownership:

nihonto@sushi:~> ls -l .fluxbox/
total 20
-rw------- 1 nihonto users 3502 Jan 25 12:13 init
-rw-r--r-- 1 nihonto users 458 Jan 21 23:40 keys
-rw-r--r-- 1 nihonto users 1439 Jan 25 11:51 menu
-rw-r--r-- 1 nihonto users 0 Jan 25 12:14 slitlist
-rw-r--r-- 1 nihonto users 1101 Jan 23 22:08 startup
But when I look at /usr/pkg/bin/fluxbox-generate_menu:

nihonto@sushi:~> ls -l /usr/pkg/bin/fluxbox-generate_menu
-r-xr-xr-x 1 root wheel 66586 Jan 21 21:49 /usr/pkg/bin/fluxbox-generate_menu
Do I have to change the ownership of /usr/pkg/bin/fluxbox-generate_menu? Or should it run without changing the ownership, because my user is in the "wheel"-Group?

nihonto@sushi:~> userinfo nihonto
login nihonto
passwd *
uid 1000
groups users wheel
change NEVER
dir /home/nihonto
shell /bin/ksh
expire NEVER
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Old 25th January 2009
JMJ_coder JMJ_coder is offline
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It looks like it is having difficulty creating the file - menuconfig -. Try manually creating it with touch ~/.fluxbox/menuconfig and then re-run the fluxbox-generate-menu command.
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Old 23rd March 2022
xchris's Avatar
xchris xchris is offline
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ok for LOLz now... bug alive since ... 2009..

the solution is to fix the /usr/pkg/bin/fluxbox-generate_menu
edit it (as su) and @ line 1223 :
remove the darn \ before the ${HOME}

"congrats" to the maintainer(s) of this package
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Old 5th April 2022
scottro's Avatar
scottro scottro is offline
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Is anyone still maintaining it? If so, and someone uses it, they ought to send a PR to said maintainers. As I don't use NetBSD and barely use fluxbox, it won't be me.
But we should certainly thank xchris for giving us the fix.
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Old 5th April 2022
jggimi's Avatar
jggimi jggimi is offline
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Upstream, the fluxbox.org project is still active. This issue appears to be NetBSD-specific, as there's no backslash in the OpenBSD package that I am looking at here, and the upstream project's source-code in the most recent release -- 1.3.7 -- defines the variable without one. Specifically, as "USERFLUXDIR="${HOME}/.@pkgprefix@fluxbox@pkgsuffix@".
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