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Old 27th March 2023
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Default Google Security Researchers Accuse CentOS of Failing to Backport Kernel Fixes

From https://tech.slashdot.org/story/23/0...t-kernel-fixes:
Google Project Zero's security researcher Jann Horn learned that kernel fixes made to stable trees are not backported to many enterprise versions of Linux. To validate this hypothesis, Horn compared the CentOS Stream 9 kernel to the stable linux-5.15.y stable tree.... As expected, it turned out that several kernel fixes have not been made deployed in older, but supported versions of CentOS Stream/RHEL. Horn further noted that for this case, Project Zero is giving a 90-day deadline to release a fix, but in the future, it may allot even stricter deadlines for missing backports....
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Old 28th March 2023
jmccue jmccue is offline
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I saw this and it seems odd. Google what RH to patch a kernel they are using. The kernel was fixed in version 5.15. So why can't goggle move to that ?

I thought that was one of the advantages claimed by Linux, the kernel is separate to allow one to choose which one to use.

Makes me wonder if Google and RH (=IBM) is competing in various offerings and RH is taking its time for some strange reason. I doubt that is true, but this whole thing seems weird.
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Old 28th March 2023
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Originally Posted by jmccue View Post
RH is taking its time
The linked article refers to CentOS rather than RHEL. I'm pretty sure the paid-for version would already have the fixes applied.
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Old 29th March 2023
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Project Zero is not about google wanting Red Hat to patch a kernel for them, but just part of the normal "mission" of that project....

Disclaimer: I'm not fan of google and yes they could pick their targets carefully and I would assume that would be the case.

wikipedia has a list of "notable discoveries": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Projec...le_discoveries

While many of those are significant and important, you will note that all too often, it's Apple products, Intel chips, Microsoft Windows, Cloudflare, etc, that feature. If you're a multi billion $ operation who can finance setting up a project to pick holes in your competitors' offerings and then place that under the banner of some kind of altruistic research, for the benefit of all, you would probably do it - especially if your competition include the likes of Microsoft, Intel and Apple. Then if they can't patch within 90 days (let's be honest, they should be able to, but...) the vulnerability gets disclosed... in the interests of poor unfortunate, ordinary end users being able to take steps to mitigate/patch it (if only that "noble philosophy" were applied to their unsupported and abandoned devices).

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