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Old 13th October 2008
disappearedng disappearedng is offline
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Default Default terminal color

Hi everyone.

I hate the color scheme for the terminal in gnome by default. I use ubuntu and gentoo other than freebsd and i love the way gentoo highlights files and directories in the terminal (there's coloring even before gentoo is started). How do I go about changing my freebsd box console color to these?

Also, where can i find these colorschemes?
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Old 13th October 2008
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To make kernel and rc scripts vomit rainbows while starting up you'll have to modify kernel and rc scripts to achieve that.
If you want to display ls output colorfully then you can either use -G flag on ls (read ls man page for more information on tuning colors) or use gnuls from ports (misc/gnuls) and change colors with dircolors (comes with gnuls).
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Old 13th October 2008
BSDfan666 BSDfan666 is offline
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Certain escape codes produce colours.. in xterm you can set TERM to xterm-color.

As said, you would have to alter the base initialization scripts to do such hackery..


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Old 13th October 2008
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Originally Posted by disappearedng View Post
How do I go about changing my freebsd box console color to these?
You require two things,

A.) A console capable of colour, terms available on FreeBSD range from 8 colours to at least 256 colours

B.) A program that can produce "colourised" output using a format your terminal or console can understand.

As deemon suggested, if you want colourised directory listings with ls, read the manual for ls(1). For controlling the colours produced, refer to the LSCOLORS environment variable documented in the manual page. It allows you to choose which of the (where available on your term) standard 16 ANSI colours you wish to display for what, rather then the programs defaults.

NB that colourised output from ls(1) is a non portable extension, and just happens to be implemented by both GNU and FreeBSD, with different interfaces.
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Old 21st February 2012
daemonfowl daemonfowl is offline
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Cosmetic fluff, avoid it...
Thanks BSDfan666 !
I believe not all color-dealing should be categorized as one or described as such .. colors heal and impact on the psyche .. I don't know if some believe in Michio Kushi .. but many like me believe that some colors are benefitial to some ..
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Old 21st February 2012
ocicat ocicat is offline
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daemonfowl, you are responding to a thread which is nearly four years old.

Most discussion here is very timely. Threads more than a few weeks old are most likely finished. Some on the members you are responding to have not logged into this site for nearly as long either.
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