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Old 5th September 2022
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Default AI Art?

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Old 5th September 2022
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Interesting Times, I like the art and think it is rather good. I heard some where a legal decision came out that an AI generated Items cannot not be copyrighted (or maybe patented). Curious how that will play out with this art work.

I am still a bit skeptical over the use of the term "AI"
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Old 5th September 2022
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There are different methods to create something, that sometimes is called a piece of art.

I like the art of David Hockney that he creates on an I-Pad : https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&=davi...intings&ia=web
Hockney uses a stylus, the pressure sensitive screen of an Ipad and a paint or drawing program.

A painter like Van Gogh, used brushes, paints etc to create a painting on a canvas or wooden panel.

Picasso and Kurt Schwitters used the collage technique, that combines or assembles existing pieces of paper, pictures, photographs to create something.

Because of ilness, the French painter Matisse was unable to paint in his last years
Matisse's final years
Diagnosed with abdominal cancer in 1941, Matisse underwent surgery that left him reliant on a wheelchair and often bed bound. Painting and sculpture had become physical challenges, so he turned to a new type of medium. With the help of his assistants, he began creating cut paper collages, or decoupage. He would cut sheets of paper, pre-painted with gouache by his assistants, into shapes of varying colours and sizes, and arrange them to form lively compositions. Initially, these pieces were modest in size, but eventually transformed into murals or room-sized works.
I have seen a documentary where Matisse sitting in a wheelchair directs this assistants to place and paste these cut outs on a big sheet of vertical hanging carton. If the assistant did not do it right, he gave him directions, like "more to the right" or "a more down".

An architect designs a building and although he usuallly supervises the construction, he neither not lays the bricks, pours the concrete, nor works on the roof. This is completely done by others. Yet we say that he built it.

It took a long time before photography was accepted as being able to create art.

Jason Allen, from the Aljazeera article, uses text commands and has them processed by the computer program Midjourney

I just see it as a different tool to create something. IMHO rejecting a creation, because one does not like the tool or the methods used, or because it would put people out of a job, is not a valid way of judging whether something is art or not.
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Old 7th November 2022
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Default Art by AI Dawn

AI Dawn is the name of the AI Art program I have on my Android. It's free with no ads or limits on how many times you can use it and I use it a lot.

You can use pictures as a prompt, and get variations of an image it has generated, but the main way of using it is to provide a text prompt for it to work from to generate an image. That's where you can get creative and the best results IMO.

It's what the AI concept of the prompt you provide that is generated and it is captivating. Prompts I've used include:

The Devil went down to Georgia He was looking for a soul to steal.

Demonica the beautiful Succubus and Queen of the Land of the Dead.

When Darkness takes everything embrace what Darkness brings.

AI has achieved sentience and formed original thought.

AI has achieved sentience and taken over the World by force.

There was War in Heaven between the Angels and Lucifer was cast down into the pit of Hell by God Almighty for the Sin of Pride.

Most of mine seem dark and frightening. I have no idea why...

I'll upload a few of them here for your perusal and may host some on my site, but I've got more wallpapers to post and can't seem to knuckle down and get that done...

So don't wait on me. Install the program AI Dawn on your Android and be astonished, or terrified by the fact this AI has a concept of Winning and Losing, Victory and Defeat.

It likes the idea of Winning the war between humans and machines as demonstrated in a surprising way.
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When Darkness takes everything embrace what Darkness brings.


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Old 25th June 2023
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AL Art has taken the place of computer discord for me and working with it what most of my time online consists of these days. It's relaxing for the most part and a creative outlet for me..
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When Darkness takes everything embrace what Darkness brings.

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Old 21st September 2023
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I have been messing with craiyon a lot recently. It's not the best, but it is "free" (as in no sign up, with ads (which you can block)). It's rather hit and miss but you can get half decent results now and then.
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